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Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2024: AI Journeys - Being Human

AI Symposium 2024 will focus on building ethical and sustainable student learning journeys

The higher education landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, propelled by the rapid integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The journey of embedding AI into the educational continuum, from induction to teaching, learning, and student outcomes, necessitates a thoughtful exploration of its pedagogical, ethical, and disciplinary dimensions. 

Event Information

Date: 10 July 2024

Venue: INNSiDE by Meliá Manchester , M15 4RP

Time:  09:30-16:30 BST

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Symposium themes

We are interested in focusing on the human and the machine and therefore pose the following questions: 

  • How can we align the use of AI with the core values, objectives, and standards of higher education?
  • What are the challenges of designing and implementing policy and regulations in the AI space?
  • What specific EDI challenges and opportunities does AI provide?
  • How do we ensure that inequity in student and staff usage of AI is not embedded in HEIs? 
  • What measures can be taken to harmonise AI's advantages with its potential risks and challenges in addressing challenges such as student engagement and belonging? 
  • How can we cultivate a responsible and inclusive AI usage culture amongst staff in the educational sector?
  • How can AI be leveraged to make impactful advancements in teaching and learning methodologies in this diverse cultural landscape?
A comprehensive, insightful programme with plenty of opportunity to liaise with colleagues and share experiences with AI in Learning, teaching and Assessment and addresses fundamental questions in terms of equality and inclusivity as we move forward into an AI-enabled future in HE."

Mirjam Hauck, The Open University

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Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2024 - Programme

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Who should attend?

  • Academic Professionals: Educators, researchers, and administrators in higher education interested in integrating AI into educational practices.
  • Policy Makers: This is relevant for those in governmental or regulatory roles who are focused on the ethical, pedagogical, and operational implications of AI in education.
  • Tech Innovators and AI Practitioners are individuals or organisations working on AI technologies and solutions tailored for the Higher Education sector.
  • Stakeholders in Education: Including non-profit organisations, educational technology companies, and consultants focusing on the advancement of learning and teaching methodologies.
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Learning outcomes

  • Insightful Perspectives: Gain insights into aligning AI with the core values, objectives, and higher education standards within the context.
  • Risk Management Strategies: Learn about harmonising the advantages of AI with its potential risks and challenges, fostering a responsible and inclusive AI usage culture.
  • Innovative Methodologies: This section offers practical examples and case studies on how AI can revolutionise teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaboration with peers, highlighting the importance of student voices in AI integration.
  • Practical Guidance: Learn from oral presentations and workshops on embedding, using, and critiquing AI in education, with tangible takeaways on replicating successful AI projects within institutions.
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Keynote Speaker

Dr Rebecca Upsher

Lecturer in Psychology (Education)
King's College London
Dr Rebecca Upsher
Dr Rebecca Upsher is a Lecturer in Psychology (Education) at King's College London. She teaches in the BSc Psychology program, focusing on enhancing student wellbeing and learning through innovative teaching practices.