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AI Governance

Towards inclusive intelligence: a comprehensive examination of GenAI attitudes among HE stakeholders

Part of the Collaborative Development Fund 2023-24: Generative AI Beyond Assessment theme.

There is limited data on the attitudes and perceptions of academic staff and professional services staff to the use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in Higher Education (HE) contexts, with most of the data focussing on students’ views of GenAI.  This research project will therefore explore the attitudes and perceptions of academic and professional services staff, as well as of students, to the integration of GenAI in academic settings. Furthermore, while the sector has primarily focused on the implications for academic integrity, this study proposes a broader examination of education, including instructional methodologies and delivery approaches.  

This study will adopt a sequential exploratory mixed methods design involving a qualitative phase (focus groups with stakeholders across partner institutions) and a quantitative phase (survey to assess the most commonly held views on the use of GenAI). 

It is intended that this research will provide valuable insights for policymakers and educators to foster an inclusive, evidence-based approach to decision-making on the use of GenAI in HE. 

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Collaborative Development Fund 2023-24

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Invitation to participate in research on staff and student perspectives on generative artificial intelligence in Higher Education in UK institutions

The aim is to research and understand what may influence students and staff when deciding to engage, or not, with GenAI tools and how they can be supported to use them responsibly, ethically and effectively. 

We invite you to undertake the survey if you work or study in a UK university. We estimate that survey completion takes around 15 minutes and all responses are anonymous. 

The survey will be open until mid-July, or longer, depending on the responses received.

If you work in a non-UK university and are interested in running the survey please email

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Project outputs

In addition to publishing a report on the project findings, the project will provide the following outputs: 

Resource cards

A set of resource cards to support institutional conversations on the potential and actual uses of GenAI and the perceptions of it.


An infographic of key project findings for use by universities to brief key stakeholders.


Access to the anonymised dataset for use by the international Higher Education community.
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Project team

Professor Kirsty Kiezebrink

Dean for Educational Innovation, University of Aberdeen

Kirsty leads on the University’s approach to GenAI in learning and teaching. She is engaged in pedagogic research on GenAI and is the project lead.

Dr Sara Preston

Head of eLearning, Centre for Academic Development, University of Aberdeen

Sara works closely with Professor Kirsty Kiezebrink on the University’s approach to GenAI in learning and teaching, and together have produced guidance, facilitated institutional discussions and influenced policy changes. 

Rosemarie McIlwhan

Associate Professor of Digital Pedagogies and Practices, Heriot-Watt University 

Rosemarie leads on the Heriot-Watt approach to the use of GenAI in learning and teaching, including providing staff and student support, and chairing the University’s AI in learning and teaching sub-group.  

Dr Louise Drumm 

Associate Professor, Edinburgh Napier University

Louise has been leading Edinburgh Napier University’s response to GenAI, including staff and student guidance, training and development. She has also led and disseminated widely on research on student experiences of GenAI, including co-researching and co-authoring with students.  

Natalie Lafferty

Head of the Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL), Library Learning Culture and Information, University of Dundee

Natalie is leading the development of Dundee’s approach to GenAI, providing guidance, staff development and co-ordinating the University’s AI Advisory Group.