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Authentic, collaborative and credible

22 Sep 2022 | Doug Parkin Doug Parkin, Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management at Advance HE and project lead, highlights today's launch of Advance HE's inaugural Global Leadership Survey for Higher Education.

I am pleased to draw to your attention the new Advance HE Global Leadership Survey for Higher Education which is now open. This new survey is designed to examine the question “What works for leadership in higher education?” and aims to capture information related to leadership within the Higher Education, Tertiary, and Research sector (HE used as shorthand) globally. The responses will be analysed and published as an open access report for the benefit of the sector.

We would like to invite all leaders at any level, in a formal or informal role, to take part in the survey. For the purpose of the survey a broad definition of leader/leadership is adopted in recognition of the diversity of roles and relationships across the sector. We welcome participation from colleagues at HE institutions and related organisation around the world. There is no charge for participation and no prior affiliation to Advance HE is required.

Your participation would be highly valued – complete the survey

Just over a year ago, Advance HE commissioned a scoping study to inform the development of a global leadership survey for higher education. A key outcome of this independent research, working collaboratively with the sector, was a set of recommendations and an outline survey design. The findings from the scoping study are available as a report with significant observations regarding higher education leadership in terms of context, values, purpose and effective leadership qualities.

To provide a flavour of the findings from the study, being ‘authentic’, ‘collaborative’ and ‘credible’ were identified as hallmarks of good leadership. So, how does that sit with you? Are they qualities that resonate with your own approach? And do they in any way match how you and others experience leadership within your team or organisation? The survey is an opportunity for the whole HE community to build upon the findings so far and help craft the richest possible picture of ‘what works’ for leadership in contemporary higher education. Have your say, complete the survey.

We welcome participation from colleagues around the world

Taking between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, the survey will explore questions related to you as a leader, how you are led by others, and your views on leadership in your organisation and across the sector. As the inaugural running of the survey, it will establish baseline data for the future as well as an annual report, and so we would highly value your participation. We are committed to continuing the whole-community approach adopted throughout this project into the diversity of voices included in the survey. 

Join a global community in creating the richest possible picture of contemporary HE leadership – complete the survey

The outputs from the survey will inform our collective understanding about leadership in the HE sector and will be used to provide clarity to invest in leaders, support leadership development, recognise effective practice (over time), plan leadership structures and capacity, and grow the talent needed for tomorrow. They will also be available to support leadership research and organisational development.

The survey will close on 8 November 2022, so please have your say and spread the word.

Doug Parkin, 22 September 2022


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