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New guide provides insights into impactful and innovative assessment practice and processes.

02 May 2024 | Introduced by Vic Stephenson Vic Stephenson, Advance HE Senior Consultant Education, introduces this new practice guide, part of our Member Benefit theme, 'Fit for the Future: Enhancing and adapting practice for new paradigms of higher education'

According to Cowen (1998), assessment drives learning. So how do we make sure students know how to set off on their assessment journey and arrive at their destination on time and unscathed?  How do we provide students with the resources to enable them to drive a Ferrari instead of a Reliant Robin? 

Enhancing Assessment: A Practitioner Guide provides a road map for educators, providing insights into impactful and innovative practice to prompt reflection and discussion on assessment practice and processes. 

Much as today’s learner drivers undertake a theory test and a practical assessment, the guide is the practical test to Advance HE’s 2024 Framework for Enhancing Assessment in Higher Education. The practice guide takes the areas highlighted in the framework as having the greatest impact on student learning and experience, academic literacy and good academic practice and presents them as four themes: 

  • Creating assessment which showcase competencies 
  • Ensuring students understand the assessment
  • Promoting student engagement with feedback 
  • Providing students with opportunities for co-creation.

Stretching the metaphor to the (legal) limit, the guide offers guidance on how educators can support students in passing their test first time. It provides practical strategies to ensure students master the rules of the road and don’t just see feedback in their rear-view mirror, but use it to adjust their driving position, enhance their performance and anticipate potential hazards ahead. It also demonstrates how we can equip students with the basic tools and skills they need to carry out their own repairs and fit their vehicle with go-faster stripes. 

The practice guide is authored by the seasoned race team of Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University, Rachel Forsyth, Lund University, and Jackie Potter, Chester University, and features examples of effective practice from across the sector to get your engine started and get you on the road to autonomous driving. 

Available to Advance HE members: Enhancing Assessment: A Practitioner Guide 

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