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Rae Tooth

Rae Tooth is highly experienced in developing and delivering evidence-led, strategic approaches to social inclusion. Rae is the CEO of Inclusion-Revolution, a consultancy and thought leadership organisation.
Advance HE
Job Title
Associate, Governance

Rae has led a national social mobility charity as CEO and held a number of senior roles in Higher Education at both OfS and the Office for Fair Access. This work includes sitting on the HE Landscape Board that established the OfS, leading the Office for Fair Access through developing new strategic approaches to regulation, developing approaches to evidence led practice and leading on the National Strategy for Access and Student Success.

Rae also sits on the Board of Governors for The University of Winchester and Co-Chair of the Fair Access Coalition. Previously she has been a trustee for the University of Bristol Students Union.

Rae has lived experience of disadvantage. Alongside her privilege of being a white, cis woman, she has multiple disabilities, grew up in a complex, low-income home, and is a lone parent to two children.