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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Advance HE's STEM team provides national leadership in developing and disseminating evidence-informed practice in learning and teaching in higher education. 

STEM subjects are recognised as having strategic importance in higher education for the economy and employers. The student learning experience in STEM subjects is vital in ensuring sustained growth in the uptake of these key disciplines. An excellent learning experience ensures that students have developed the right skills at the time of graduation and beyond through continued professional development. 

Are your students prepared for their future?

Advance HE, through its four step process: conceptualising; planning and preparation; implementation, delivery and monitoring, and; completion and closure; can help you to tackle your strategic priorities at a school, faculty or institutional level to support student success, through:

  • Identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • Delivering solutions-based change aimed at tackling your issues
  • Reviewing the success of any initiatives against KPIs and global frameworks
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Advance HE Resources

Advance HE has over 1000 resources, which are continually added to and updated, to support teaching within the STEM disciplines. These resources will keep you up to date with the latest innovative practice within your area, along with tools which can aid your professional development within higher education teaching.

Advance HE resources are accessed through our Knowledge Hub. Here you can browse:

National Teaching Fellowship Innovative Pedagogies

National Teaching Fellows were asked to produce reports on the innovative pedagogies they have used in their practice which has led to them being recognised. The series is available to view in the Knowledge HUB and can be cut by discipline.

STEM Innovation Pedagogies Reports

Learning and teaching in cyber security

It is widely recognised by Government, employers and education providers that we need to build a pipeline of cyber talent, both to respond to cyber threats and to grow the UK cyber security sector. Curriculum development is required across degree programmes to help prepare students for entry-level security career opportunities and develop security-aware users.

To address these challenges, the Higher Education Academy (now Advance HE) was been funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), to support the higher education sector in creating and disseminating evidenced-informed practice in this field. Since 2014, 11 higher education providers across the UK have been awarded grant funding to improve cyber security teaching and learning.