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Tracey White

Tracey White is a work based learning practitioner. Passionate about enabling and empowering adult learning, she focuses on innovation in learning, teaching and assessment providing high quality educational experiences which are accessible for all. She loves inspiring colleagues and learners in the art of what is possible.
University of Lincoln
Job Title
Associate Professor Learning Innovation

Tracey is passionate about enabling and empowering adult learning. She has focused on innovation in learning, teaching and assessment and providing high quality educational experiences which are accessible for all. Throughout her career she has drawn upon her own experiences as an adult learner to help to shape and form her practice. Not limited to the UK, she collaborates with a university in South Africa to offer progression routes on to work based distance learning degrees, bringing about life changing opportunities amongst diverse communities.

Tracey is a work based learning (WBL) practitioner at heart and has developed her expertise in workforce development and working with organisations to develop, implement and facilitate bespoke programmes of learning. Her expertise is highly regarded in work based learning alongside her deep understanding of working with corporate organisations, which has led to the development of a range of innovative employer-led programmes. She works with colleagues to facilitate the use of WBL pedagogies and curriculum frameworks, resulting in innovative programmes across subject disciplines. Branching wider she has developed Degree Apprenticeships, designing and leading the Business School flagship MBA Leadership as part of the Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship and more recently the development and leadership of five fully online masters’ programmes.

Tracey has won multiple awards for her work with business, partnerships and the community, a Teaching Fellowship and as part of a team award for her work in Degree Apprentices. She loves innovating and developing new forms of provision, working closely with academic colleagues and professional services, putting learners at the heart, ensuring that they have the design, infrastructure and support to successfully achieve. Passionately putting back into an education system that provided her with such opportunities drives her unique self-determined approach to make excellent education accessible for all.

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