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Cheryl Chingosho

Cheryl Chingosho, currently serves as Vice President of Welfare at the University of South Wales Students Union, with a profound commitment to improving the health and well-being of students in Wales.
Job Title
Vice President of Welfare

Gordon’s research focuses on specific examples and experiences of digital business, culture and practice. He has published work around conflict within online finance communities, economies within virtual game world and the practices of online grieving and mourning. Other work includes the use of science fiction prototyping in the development of business visions and the delivery of executive courses around Digital Transformation and Innovation. Gordon was an editor of Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results Driven Approach (Routledge 3rd ed due 2023), Strategic Digital Transformation (Routledge 2nd ed due 2023) and co-author of Creating an Effective Digital Presence (Routledge 2020) and co-created many of the models that underpin the core philosophy of these books. Most recently Gordon has published the open access monograph, Management and Visualisation: Seeing beyond the strategic.