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AI Garage – snapshots of practice

23 Apr 2024 | Dr Charles Knight Associate Director for Knowledge and Innovation, Dr Charles Knight, introduces ‘AI Garage’, a short report highlighting snapshots of practice.

This newly released 'AI Garage' Overview report offers an insight into the increasing influence of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) across higher education institutions (HEIs). As the technology evolves, so does GAI’s role in existing processes, systems and cultures.  

The report highlights the innovations and challenges of integrating GAI into existing practices, from enhancing student learning experiences through personalized learning paths to augmenting faculty capabilities in handling academic pressures. 

The case studies, derived from various submissions, reflect a ‘garage band’ spirit of creativity and collaborative experimentation within the academic community.  

We know this is a highly contested area (as noted in the report) — viewed by some as a ground-breaking tool poised to redefine pedagogical and research approaches. In contrast, others remain cautious, citing potential risks and the hype that often surrounds emerging technologies. Regardless of these differing viewpoints, the current wave of experimentation across HEIs underscores a significant digital exploration and adaptation period. 

For those interested in a deeper exploration of the themes and case studies presented in the AI Garage Report, further details can be accessed through the dedicated project URLs provided in the report appendix.  

It should also be noted that initially, this report was intended to conclude our work in the garage. However, feedback from the sector has indicated that there is benefit in us continuing to collect reports on these examples of practice. 

As a result – we have reopened the collector form. We are looking to issue a second version of this report in the 2024/2025 academic year that will provide both an update to the original and also try to identify how trends have changed.  

We therefore encourage submission of your practice even if it is at the conceptual stage.  

The Garage rocks on!

Available to Advance HE members: AI Garage Overview

Find out more about our Member Project 23-24 - Generative AI: Beyond Assessment. This member benefit takes us beyond current debates on AI and assessment to consider in-depth other ways the technology will impact higher education and the communities we serve.

Dr Charles Knight is the Associate Director for Knowledge and Innovation at Advance HE.  


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