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AI Garage Overview

This short report is a high-level analysis of various AI-centric projects undertaken within HEIs. The data for this analysis was collected as part of a member benefit project entitled “AI Garage”, where the ‘garage’ can either be taken as a metaphor for the creativity of a garage band or as an allusion to how many technology innovations claim to be created in a garage. 

In either scenario, the project asked members, “What are you doing at present with GAI?” without limits on what was submitted or any requirement that work was concluded.

It should be noted that initially, this report was intended to conclude our work in the garage. However, feedback from the sector has indicated that there is benefit in us continuing to collect reports on these examples of practice. 

As a result – we have reopened the collector form. We are looking to issue a second version of this report in the 2024/2025 academic year that will provide both an update to the original and also try to identify how trends have changed.  

Advance HE members can download the report below.

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AI Garage Overview
AI Garage Overview View Document