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Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2024: AI for All: Using Generative AI to build ethical and sustainable student learning journeys

AI Symposium 2024 will focus on building ethical and sustainable student learning journeys


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming higher education at speed. However, integrating AI into the student journey from induction to teaching and learning and student outcomes requires careful consideration of the pedagogical, ethical and disciplinary implications.


Date: 27 February 2024
Venue: theStudio, Birmingham

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  • How can we ensure that AI is used in ways that are aligned with the values, goals and standards of higher education?
  • How can we balance the benefits of AI with the potential risks and challenges?
  • How can we foster a culture of responsible and inclusive AI in higher education?
  • How can we use AI to make a difference in teaching and learning?
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AI Symposium Programme 2024

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AI Symposium Abstract 2024

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This event is designed for forward-thinking educators, department heads, policymakers, and academic practitioners who are either actively integrating AI into their teaching and learning environments or exploring AI's policy and strategic implications within their department or discipline areas.

Attendee Takeaways

  • Practical insights into integrating AI tools and methods into academic practice.
  • Strategies for navigating the policy considerations of AI in curriculum development and delivery.
  • Networking opportunities with peers at the forefront of AI application in higher education.
  • A platform to discuss ethical, practical, and human challenges and solutions related to AI adoption in higher education settings.

Ideal for

  • Academics seeking to harness AI for enhancing teaching and learning experiences.
  • Administrative and other professional services colleagues aiming to understand the broader implications of AI in academic settings. Educators interested in the potential of AI to transform their discipline.
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Session types

Oral Presentations - 15 minutes in length and will be followed by 5 minutes of Q&A with delegates. This session type should be selected if your proposed session is a critical essay or report on a project within your institution and should offer guidance on how others can replicate similar projects within their own institutions. Your session should include a PPT presentation or visual stimulus to accompany your talk.

“On the Cutting Edge” - should be 10 minutes in length and will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. This is an opportunity to talk about ‘works in progress’ where you may not have taken any action or it is too soon to evaluate the impact of your work, but you plan, or are, making a change using AI and want feedback and dialogue with colleagues. As a minimum, the lead presenter will need to attend the symposium in person to participate in the Q&A session. The use of PPT slides for this session type is optional.

Workshop sessions - should be 60 minutes in length. We want to provide an opportunity for colleagues to learn from each other and therefore we wish to have a space for learning and development in this rapidly expanding area. We welcome contributions that will help colleagues understand how to embed, use and critique AI practice.

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Keynote Speaker

Eve Alcock

Director of Public Affairs
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
Eve Alcock
Eve leads QAA’s work on artificial intelligence in higher education and has spoken at both UK and international higher education events on the topic. Eve is also a Fellow on Aspen UK’s Rising Leader fellowship programme. Prior to QAA, she spent 2 years at the Clean Air Fund, an international charitable foundation tackling air pollution globally, where she worked closely with stakeholders like the World Economic Forum, the WHO and the UN across communications, advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Sue Attewell

National centre for AI in tertiary education (NCAITE)
Sue Atewell
Sue Attewell is actively involved in driving the advancement of AI capabilities within our member institutions. Our centre plays a critical role in this regard by providing thought leadership, piloting AI products, and practical advice, guidance and training.
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