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Developing International Futures in Business Schools

A collaborative project to support business schools in developing their international strategy.

UK higher education continues to be seen as a sign of high quality and strategic partner for collaboration within transnational education (TNE). Business schools have been at the forefront of this growth both at home and regarding TNE. This level of growth has led to both opportunities and challenges when considering scale, quality and the expectation and needs of students and colleagues.

This collaborative project will provide a supportive but critical environment for the development of new practices, processes and areas of impact underpinned by clear strategic intent and a desire for excellence.

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"The continued success of UK business schools as a hub for transnational education brings a range of challenges. This collaborative project is designed to bring together UK business schools to share best practice and have a dedicated space to develop future plans and policies for impact and success.”

Charles Knight, Project Lead and Senior Advisor (Learning and Teaching), Advance HE

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Project outline

Institutions benefit from a six-part project. This structure will allow for knowledge and good practice exchange as well as bespoke consultative support to develop your school strategy and practice around international education. 

The project comprises: 


Introductory consultation

Our Project Lead will hold a meeting with the representatives. Representatives will be invited to reflect and report on concerns and needs in relation to their own context.

Diagnostic survey

Representatives will be invited to complete a survey, using a diagnostic tool aligned to our frameworks to explore the areas where you face the most significant challenges.

Collaboration events

These events will allow institutions to network and share common challenges and opportunities in developed international/TNE practices for success.

Bespoke development sessions

Participants will be given the option to attend two customised sessions for their own organisations, or larger “open sessions” for institutions from across the programme.

Concluding collaboration event

A reflective collaborative event will be facilitated by our Project Lead who will pull together further themes and recommendations that institutions can incorporate into their own activities.

Summary review with outcomes

A single sector-wide review for all institutions based on the work they have undertaken including individualised ‘take home’ points for each institution about future areas of development in their manifesto and implementation challenges.
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