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Reviewing, developing and reforming strategies, policy and culture

Our support encourages institutions to examine and reframe their organisational cultures to enable performance through staff expertise, supporting student success and aligning to shared strategies and goals.

Institutions, large and small, are today having to be strategically responsive to a multitude of external and internal factors, some of which can be forecast whilst others are hard, if not impossible, to predict. Taking an evidence-based approach of ‘what works’ combined with our deep sectoral knowledge and experience, we work in partnership with you to bring about impactful and lasting change with your teaching and learning strategies and policy.

We support you to foster an environment enabling productive, committed teams and individuals to thrive. We support you in the development of a strategic framework which is both stretching and adaptive, and having the mechanisms to realise your strategy.

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When I spoke with the team there, they listened to our needs, learned more about our context and designed and delivered this programme. Having worked with them for
over 12 months now I have learned that they also bring a flexibility and responsiveness to the context making this not only a bespoke and fit for purpose programme from the start but one that has evolved with our changing needs.”

Professor Sherria Hoskins, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Health, University of Portsmouth

Support across the full range of strategies

Advance HE’s support can cover sector-wide strategies and policies, institutional teaching and learning strategies, school or faculty strategies or thematic strategies.

Developing a whole institutional strategy

Through Advance HE’s expertise and knowledge of the latest good practice in higher education, policy horizon scanning and global network, we can support an institution in developing or reviewing their whole institutional strategy. 

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Thematic, enabling and tailored strategies

We can support the development of strategies that focus on:

  • specific themes such as research, learning and teaching, international and enterprise and innovation
  • enabling strategies such as a people, estates or wellbeing
  • tailored strategies such as data security, climate and sustainability or marketing and communications.
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Transforming culture

Our approach to supporting you in developing a strong and healthy culture recognises the complexities involved in defining, measuring and attempting to change ‘culture’, understanding it is not static, can be difficult to define, can be expressed and interpreted differently across the organisation, is rooted in personal and professional identities, involves power balances and is present and socialised at every level in an organisation. Every solution is co-designed with you, building on a rigorous diagnostic phase, taking into account the particulars of your requirements.

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Working with Jisc

Jisc provide a digital lens to our strategy work. This puts technology as a core consideration for institutions when developing their strategies, for example, the use of technology in teaching and learning, with issues highlighted by the current climate, or how it can be used to achieve less obvious goals such as those in sustainability strategies.

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The government of the Republic of Uzbekistan is conducting wide-ranging reform in the country and education is a top priority. The themes of leadership, graduate outcomes and gender parity are of particular importance in their strategy and clearly Advance HE is particularly well-placed in these areas to help with the Minister’s and sector’s work.”

Rachel Ireland, British Council Country Director, Uzbekistan

Developing leaders through Advance HE programmes and events

Using diverse and immersive experiential learning techniques our portfolio provides its participants with the opportunity to enhance their skills and become authentic leaders, delivered by facilitators from inside and outside HE with a deep and enduring knowledge of its wonders and challenges.

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Reports and publications

With over 15 years of resources to access and as convener of current thinking, knowledge and insight into the key sector opportunities and challenges, Advance HE exists to help higher education shape its future.

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