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Get involved at our Conferences and Events

Submit a paper for one or more of our Conferences and Events

Advance HE has a range of conferences and symposia during the year where we encourage colleagues from across the sector to submit papers and join us to present their work to peers from across the globe. As well as providing a chance to present your work, share ideas and inspire fellow higher education colleagues, taking part in an Advance HE Conference or Event provides an invaluable opportunity for professional and personal development.

Submissions can be for interactive breakout sessions, workshops, oral presentations, posters, ignite sessions and soapbox sessions depending on the event and what suits you work and personal style best.

Our conferences

We have a varied programme of conferences throughout the year for all engaged in HE, whether leaders, practitioners or Governors, supporting institutions at all levels.

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Why take part?

Our events cover a range of themes including a variety of teaching and learning themes as well as new equality, diversity and inclusion themes for 2020-21. So whether you are interested in employability, curriculum development, sustainability, mental wellbeing, race equality, gender equality, surveys and insights or one of our other topics, there will be something to suit you during the year. Some of our conferences attract large audiences and the opportunity to share and network with over 150+ colleagues from our global membership and our symposia allow a more intimate discussion on specific topics with 40-80 colleagues who share your passion for continual improvement of practice and shared learning.

Our current open calls

Student Engagement Conference

As part of the programme we intend to run three parallel workshops led by the sector. The three workshops are as follows:

  • Engagement in the classroom focused on how students are engaged in high-quality learning wherever that takes place;
  • Engagement in co-curricular and personal development opportunities focused on how students participate in wider institutionally linked activities, for example in student societies and other development opportunities;
  • Engagement in institutional leadership and governance focused on how student involvement in the leadership and governance of the institution (whether at course or board level) is best enabled.

This call is asking for HE providers to volunteer to lead one of the workshops at the conference, providing an overview of the work they have undertaken, the challenges encountered, the solutions found and any evaluation of this work involving both students and staff.

If you are interested in being involved please complete the online submission form with an outline of the work you would focus on in the workshop (max 500 words).

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Gender Equality Colloquium: Advancing gender and sex equality through research design  Event date: 11 May 2021 Submission deadline: midnight, 4 March 2021

We are inviting colleagues to submit an abstract for either 20-minute presentations or 40-minute workshops that offer insights and solutions into redressing the gender imbalance in HE.

We are particularly keen on receiving proposals that focus on the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law, however, proposals can also address gender equality in research design in STEM subjects as well. We also welcome proposals that explore the intersectionality between gender and sex and other equality characteristics in research design.

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NET2021 Conference Event date: 1-3 September 2021 Submission deadline: midnight, 12 March 2021

NET2021 addresses all areas of healthcare education across all healthcare professions.

We are currently inviting proposals for theme papers, symposia, Poster+ presentations and poster presentations that cover the following five conference themes: 

  • Educational enhancement
  • Learning, teaching and assessment strategies
  • Key challenges in healthcare education
  • Student experience, engagement and achievement
  • New for 2021: Education in a global pandemic


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Curriculum Symposium 2021: Post-pandemic curriculum Event date: 8 June 2021 Submission deadline: midnight, 11 March 2021

Colleagues are invited to submit an abstract for either a 20-minute presentation or for a 40-minute workshops.

The post-pandemic curriculum - what will ‘normal’ look like? Will the sector coalesce around a limited set of curriculum design and delivery philosophies with shared principles of application, or is now the time for divergent sector practice? We are particularly interested in submissions from presenters with insights into the following themes:

  • Delivery modes: wholly online, hybrid, back to campus… or something else?
  • Digital pedagogy, the beating heart of the modern curriculum or a fad?
  • ‘Beyond the clock’; communities of leaners outside scheduled hours.
  • Other post pandemic paradigm shifts relating to curriculum
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Disability Colloquium: Improving support for disabled staff in higher education Event date: 15 June 2021 Submission deadline: midnight, 22 March 2021

We are inviting submissions for 20-minute presentations (inclusive of any questions and answers) that explore case studies, research, ideas and good practice, including discipline-specific approaches.

Possible topics include:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on disabled staff and support provided during this time
  • Disabled staff mental health and wellbeing support
  • Reasonable adjustments for disabled staff, including adjustments and training for disabled staff to deliver online learning
  • Supporting the transition from PhD student to staff member (including transitioning to an Access to Work agreement)
  • Intersectional approaches to disabled staff support
  • Support for staff working in specific disciplines

Colleagues are asked to submit an abstract of up to 200 words outlining the focus of the presentation and potential benefits to participants of attending.

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