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These submissions were received from Advance HE members as part of the AI Garage member benefit project in 2023 - 24. This project aims to provide a snapshot of the different kinds of AI projects in progress within the sector, as such we cannot take responsibility for the content of the submissions themselves. Projects featured here are not endorsed or supported by Advance HE. Please reach out directly to the teams to find out more about their work. Find out more about the project.

Please note that we will upload new submissions on a weekly basis to ensure that we have a constant flow of new resources for the sector. 


AI Garage – AI Empowerment in Education: Unleashing the Potential of AI for Student Success

AI Empowerment in Education: Unleashing the Potential of AI for Student Success 

Lead institution: Brunel University London 

Country: United Kingdom

Project primary contact: Dr Pauldy Otermans, Senior Lecturer (Education) in Psychology  ( and Dr Stephanie Baines, Senior Lecturer (Education) in Psychology (

Project Title: AI Empowerment in Education: Unleashing the Potential of AI for Student Success 

The project is: In Progress 

Project Summary: 

In our project, we investigated the potential of AI technologies to revolutionise learning experiences by designing dedicated teaching sessions on using AI and incorporating AI in assessments explicitly. However, prior to this, understanding the perceptions of students regarding essential AI-related skills, is crucial. Through two surveys, we gauged students’ perceptions and usage of AI tools, their importance for future careers, their awareness of AI policies within universities, and their AI literacy. Results showed varied levels of familiarity with AI tools among students, along with a desire to delve deeper into their applications. Based on these insights, tailored teaching sessions were designed to address highlighted skill gaps, receiving positive feedback from students. Furthermore, a Level 4 assessment requiring students to critique ChatGPT outputs was developed, pending student submission. These sessions, adaptable across disciplines, represent a novel approach to enhancing teaching, learning, and student engagement through AI integration in education. 

Impact: The impact is the integration of AI into education so students develop the necessary skills to succeed post-graduation. 

Audience: Level 4-6 students  

This output is part of a member project - AI Garage: Creating the Future Now which collects and curates cutting-edge practice examples of AI. You can explore other submissions here.

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Brunel University London