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Beyond the Classroom

An output from the 2022-2023 Collaborative Development Fund, this project report details the activities undertaken to curate institutional case studies that identify and disseminate new ways of working to show how third space professionals can be used to influence student outcomes positively.

From outreach to student support, digital teams and library services, colleagues working beyond the classroom shape student progression, retention and graduate outcomes. The colleagues in these teams are often termed third space professionals as their experience and expertise don’t readily fit into academic/non-academic categories. The primary objective of this work was to present a series of examples of third space work that contributes to enhanced student experience and outcomes. The focus of the analysis and commentary has centred on the nature of the third space working and the experience of activities beyond the classroom.

The Collaborative Development Fund is a yearly funding scheme that seeks to offer Advance HE members grant funding to carry out project work on important sector concerns. Our member institutions in the UK are to share funding totalling almost £100,000 to find new solutions to current challenges in higher education.

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Beyond the Classroom
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