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University of Salford - Academic Governance

As part of a deliberate move to improve the mutual understanding between Council and Senate at the University of Salford, a number of steps have been taken to enhance the respective roles and relationship between both bodies. The compilation of an annual assurance report enables Council to aggregate their understanding and scrutiny of academic matters and provides the opportunity to summarise wider oversight from across the year.  

Emphasis has also been placed on improving the expertise of the lay membership on Council. The appointment of a former Vice-Chancellor with particular expertise in relation to academic oversight has provided added input, scrutiny and confidence to Council as a whole.  

Key committees which feed into the academic governance structures of the university, the Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Committee (ASQAC) and the Academic Ethics Committee (AEC) have also made provision for two co-opted external members. For ASQAC both external members are senior staff at their own University, one drawn from academia and one from professional services; both are also QAA reviewers. Their appointments are intended to provide greater externality to the deliberation of these committees, as well as added confidence to Council on the nature of scrutiny of academic governance internally.