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Creating a culture for Strategic EDI Change

03 Apr 2024 | Advance HE This new member benefit theme explores Strategic EDI as an approach that focuses on integrating fairness, justice, and equality into all aspects of an organisation's operations and decision-making processes.

This theme is relevant to all a wide range of colleagues including Academics, Learning Designers and Technologists, Employability and Careers Staff, Student Experience, Middle Management and Senior Leaders. 

Advance HE’s Lead Consultant EDI, Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred, shares her thoughts on Strategic EDI in her vlog.

The theme comprises three projects all with the aim of cultivating an inclusive and equitable environment that recognises and honours the diversity of all individuals within the organisation. 

Open Doors, Narrow Corridors?

This project explores current efforts to ensure post-entry inclusion of students from widening participation and underrepresented backgrounds, with a focus on fostering community connections, engagement and belonging. Outputs include a report and webinar on 13 May 12:00 – 14:00 BST. Find out more

Inclusive Leadership InSights

Inclusive Leadership InSights refers to the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that leaders need to effectively lead diverse teams and foster inclusive cultures which will be shared via a vlog series and paper. Find out more 

Inclusive Recruitment

The objective of this project is to enhance diversity in candidate selection by eliminating barriers and biases within the recruitment process. It is informed by insights, feedback, and overarching themes from the Inclusive Recruitment colloquium we held in July 2023, which will be shared via a paper and online event.

More information on the theme can be found here.


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