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Allie Scott

Allie is the Mental Health & Counselling Manager at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Allie has worked in a number of roles within the voluntary sector including working in community education with young offenders, those with mental health problems and those unable to engage in formal education. Allie is a BACP accredited pluralistic counsellor, the chair elect of the Scottish Heads of University Counselling Services (SHUCS), executive committee member of the Heads of University Counselling Services (HUCS) and co-chair of the Mental Wellbeing in Higher Education Expert Group, for advanced HE and The College Counselling Network Scotland Group.
University of the Highlands and Islands
Job Title
Co-chair of the MWBHE Expert Group and Mental Health and Counselling Manager

Allie is an accredited trainer for COSCA Counselling Skills, Scottish Mental Health First Aid and ASIST. She is a qualified Supervisor for both face to face and online work. Her original academic training was in psychology and then community education;  she has always been passionate about mental health and learning.