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Carla Startin

Carla has worked as a quantitative researcher since 2009. She undertook her PhD and a post-doctoral research project at UCL, both of which were in Cognitive Neuroscience / Psychology topics, and these provided her with a solid experience in terms of study and questionnaire design, statistical analysis using SPSS (including factor analysis, ANOVA, regression, and analysis of categorical data), and writing up publications / presenting results at conferences.
Advance HE
Job Title

Carla worked as a quantitative researcher at Advance HE in 2019, where she undertook statistical analysis and writing reports for several projects, including the production of the annual statistical reports on HE staff and students, bespoke research projects assessing equality within University departments, and the production of multiple summary reports of work assessing the effectiveness of interventions to improve equality. Carla has also worked as a Psychology lecturer since 2018 - as a part of this role she prepares and delivers lectures, convenes modules, supervises students, and contributes towards some aspects of programme management.