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Dr. Randall S. Peterson

Dr. Randall S. Peterson is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Founding Director of the London Business School Leadership Institute. He is former Deputy Dean (Faculty) of the School, Vice President of the School’s fundraising campaign committee, Chair of the Organisational Behaviour Subject Area, and of the London Business School Ph.D. Programme. He teaches executive and MBA classes on leading teams and organisations, board dynamics, high performance teams, leadership assessment and skill development.
Job Title
Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Randall has been invited to teach, speak, consult and work with directors, executives, top management teams, and boards in these areas across the world for organisations such as the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), The Governance Institute (ICSA), Danish Centre for Leadership, and Leaders Sports Performance Summit, as well as companies including ADNOC, Arab Bank, Barclays, Chevron/Texaco, Deutsche Bank, Gulf International Bank (GIB), IBM, LEO Pharmaceutical, Lufthansa, Nestlé, Novartis, and PwC.

Randall's award winning research activities include studies of board dynamics, leading diverse teams, how CEO personality affects top management teams and firm performance, as well as investigating how trust forms in work teams, and the effects of conflict in groups. Randall’s most recent book is entitled Disaster in the Boardroom: Six Dysfunctions Everyone Should Understand. He has also recently published a landmark report entitled Board Diversity and Effectiveness in FTSE 350 Companies, as well as editing a book entitled Leading and Managing People in Dynamic Organizations. His research has been featured in government reports by the Financial Reporting Council, published in leading managerial journals including Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review, as well as in leading academic journals such as Academy of Management Annals, Administrative Science Quarterly, and Journal of Applied Psychology.

Randall holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Before coming to London Business School he was on the faculty of Northwestern University and Cornell University's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management. He is on the Leaders as Change Agents (LACA) board, as well as former chair of the Board of Parayhouse School and Trustee of UN Women UK.