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Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence

The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) recognises and rewards collaborative work that has had a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning. Introduced in 2016, the scheme highlights the key role of teamwork in higher education. See the winning teams below.
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Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence

Find out more about CATE, the team award which has been running since 2016.
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Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence

Buckinghamshire New CATE
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Directorate for Student Success
Institution: Buckinghamshire New University
The Academic Enhancement team at Buckinghamshire New University has led the way in developing higher and degree apprenticeships in the higher education sector. Through effective collaborative working practices, the team has developed powerful tools to support the apprenticeship curriculum development process and establish a growing community of practice around apprenticeships at the University and beyond.
Head of Central Foundation Years, Foundation Years / English, University of Sussex
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Sussex
The Central Foundation Years Programme at the University of Sussex is an innovative cross-disciplinary collaboration supporting student transitions into higher education. It does this through creative initiatives in holistic pastoral/academic support, integrating technology to support transitions and, crucially, working with students-as-partners. This has led to greater access, student choice and excellent outcomes for a diverse student body.
Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bristol
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Bristol
The aim of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to graduate the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with the adaptability, transdisciplinary and innovative thinking to make positive differences in an ever-changing world. This is achieved through an innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary team of academics and industry professionals who passionately engage with students as co-creators.
Brunel University CATE 2019
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Department of Computer Science
Institution: Brunel University
A diverse team comprising academics, students, examinations, digital education, estates, information services and administrators have worked in an integrated manner bringing a vast range of skills together to deliver power, Wi-Fi, training support and academic guidance. Together, the team made it possible to deliver a successful digital assessment platform in three years.
Middlesex University CATE 2019
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Department of Computer Science
Institution: Middlesex University
A diverse team at Middlesex University reviewed and redesigned the undergraduate computer science programme. The team created an innovative problem-based approach to learning and assessment, designed a novel online tool to support student assessment, feedback and reflective analysis, and used it in successfully delivering the programme.
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Clinical Research Department
Institution: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
The Open Education in Eye Health is a model of open education practice developed, in partnership with academics, clinicians and learning technologists to address inequity in public health for eye care education. High quality online content and courses delivered through unique collaborations with subject experts and facilitated through detailed instructional designs for global participation and local application.
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Nursing and Allied Health
Institution: Liverpool John Moores University
The paramedic team at Liverpool John Moores University are proud of the impact students make today and in their future career. The team believes that viewing students as collaborators in their education, enhances their journey and ensures they are fully prepared for their civic responsibility in clinical practice.
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Civil Engineering and Environmental Management
Institution: Glasgow Caledonian University
A collaboration of Glasgow Caledonian University, Lahti University of Applied Science, The Hague University of Applied Science and Constructionarium (Scotland) Ltd. A multi-disciplinary initiative to develop students’ potential through studying abroad is having success at three European universities in partnership with industry. The PEETS project is enabling students/staff from Scotland, Finland and the Netherlands to become global citizens through building renewable energy installations like wind turbines in each other’s countries.
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment
Institution: Birmingham City University
Project TIGERS is an exemplar of Birmingham City University’s vision of transformation. The key innovation focuses on digital engagement with an external tech startup, providing video-led, mobile-first resources and tailored content to transform student experience. It is a seamless collaboration which provides inspiration to the entire sector.
University of Lincoln CATE 2019
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Science Foundation Year
Institution: University of Lincoln
Lincoln University Science Foundation Year have, in just 18 months, designed and delivered exceptional quality teaching and pastoral guidance, enabling a diverse student population not only to participate in Higher Education but to thrive. Furthermore, they have begun to impact policy, practice and provision both within and beyond the institution.
Edinburgh Napier CATE 2019
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments: Department for Learning and Teaching Enhancement
Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Students as Colleagues has revolutionised how staff and students see evaluation and support of teaching within Edinburgh Napier University. The programme builds relationships based on trust, provides bespoke training and support and thoroughly evaluates and researches impact. It shows how students and staff can work together to improve learning and teaching.
Student Engagement Team, Nottingham Trent University
CATE Winner 2019
Faculty Departments:
Institution: Nottingham Trent University
The Student Engagement Team is a small professional services team that leads on the NTU Student Dashboard. The Dashboard is the first learning analytics resource implemented in a large physical UK university, widely used both staff and students. Nearly 30,000 students and 1,500 staff access the Dashboard each year. The team have recently completed two Erasmus+ research projects working with five European partners and have commenced a further project with two new partners.