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Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence

The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) recognises and rewards collaborative work that has had a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning. Introduced in 2016, the scheme highlights the key role of teamwork in higher education. See the winning teams below.
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Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence

Find out more about CATE, the team award which has been running since 2016.
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Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence

School of Health Sciences CATE 2021
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Liverpool
A large team of academic and professional staff with a joint vision and passion for clinical skills training, the Simulation Champions deliver and research simulation-based training to a wide range of nursing and allied health students; pioneering use of simulated placements as partial replacement for clinical-based training.
Student Injury Management Clinic_Teesside University
Faculty Departments:
Institution: Teesside University
The Student Injury Management Clinic (SIMC) provides a sector leading, unique and innovative clinical experience for the management of musculoskeletal conditions. SIMC’s mission is to bridge the knowledge gap between a theoretical curriculum and a practical, real-world experience within a professional multi-partnered community, focused on preparing students for employment.
The TQFE BAPD Team_University of Aberdeen
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Aberdeen
The Teaching Qualification for Further Education and BA Professional Development (TQFE/BAPD) team collaborate to provide accessible, inclusive and flexible learning experiences for professionals in Scotland’s Colleges and related contexts. They offer innovative digital and international experiences which have had impact on participants, the wider University, across Scotland’s Colleges and internationally.
Multidisciplinary Engineering Education (MEE)_University of Sheffield
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Sheffield
Multidisciplinary Engineering Education brings together a collaboration of academic, technical and professional services staff to deliver sector leading practical education that transforms students into capable engineers. Their pioneering approach of a cross-faculty team, dedicated to practical education at scale, embeds hands-on multidisciplinary teaching at the core of student programmes.
Applied Music - University of the Highlands and Islands
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of the Highlands and Islands
The team are based remotely around Scotland, offering practical music degrees taught using blended learning. The team ethos is based around community, collaboration, and a sense of belonging, and places the students’ practice firmly within the Scottish music scene, as well as their own local musical communities.
Captone Experience Team_University of Leeds
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Leeds
The Capstone experience team have created a sector-leading portfolio of capstone opportunities. Students select the one that best addresses their individual developmental needs and future career intentions. There is something for every student, an opportunity for each and every one to excel. A unique showcase of themselves to future employers.
Reciprocal Mentoring Team_University of Gloucestershire
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Gloucestershire
The reciprocal mentoring partnerships became a self-managed team. Team membership is dynamic, reflecting the annual cycle of recruiting partners, particularly students. Senior leaders remain core members of the team.
Team Entrepreneurship Programme Team_University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of the West of England
UWE’s Team Entrepreneurship Programme Team, practice what they preach! Their radical programme requires students to manage their own learning, work in teams, and use entrepreneurial competencies to generate value. The programme team model the way, believing that they should not ask students to do what they do not do themselves!
Teaching Excellence Academy_University of Hull
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Hull
The Teaching Excellence Academy celebrates, develops and promotes excellent teaching at the University of Hull. For them, excellent teaching is scholarship of teaching and learning led, technology facilitated and data driven. Their approach facilitates the agency of colleagues through active collaborative working to support individual development of excellent teaching.
Academic Development Team CATE winners 2021
Faculty Departments:
Institution: Wrexham Glyndwr University
The Academic Development Team drive and support cross-institutional learning and teaching development across the university in an entirely distributed way, co-ordinating learning and teaching enhancement projects via an extended and diverse network of volunteer Academic Development Team Associates.
Faculty Departments:
Institution: University of Hertfordshire
As the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Student Success Working Group we aim to address the awarding gap and advance race equity at the university. Crucial to the group are our BAME Student Advocates who work with academic schools and professional departments to voice issues affecting BAME students and challenge structural inequalities and assumptions.
Faculty Departments:
Institution: Newcastle University
The team successfully transformed an established multidisciplinary Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training to offer more active and flexible learning experiences for students. The team-based approach enabled 32 academic and professional services colleagues to review and revise their teaching approach, whilst developing expertise in digital pedagogies and tools.