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Caring responsibilities

Although not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act, HEIs need to show how their employment policies do not discriminate against people with caring responsibilities. In the case of staff and students who are carers for disabled people, the Equality Act protects them from discrimination by association. For further information see Advance HE's revised guidance on the Equality Act.

Scottish institutions will be required to return information to HESA on carer status for students from 2017/18. More information on the HESA carer field is here.

Advance HE's suggested question draws on guidance from the Carer’s Trust. Please note that in Scotland it is advisable to replace ‘18’ below with ‘16’ to reflect differences in age of capacity.

Do you have any caring responsibilities?  (tick all that apply)

  • None
  • Primary carer of a child or children (under 18 years)
  • Primary carer of a disabled child or children
  • Primary carer or assistant for a disabled adult (18 years and over)
  • Primary carer or assistant for an older person or people (65 years and over)
  • Secondary carer (another person carries out main caring role)
  • Prefer not to say