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Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The aim of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to graduate the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with the adaptability, transdisciplinary and innovative thinking to make positive differences in an ever-changing world. This is achieved through an innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary team of academics and industry professionals who passionately engage with students as co-creators.
University of Bristol

This Centre's unique team is made up of 19 staff, most of whom are fractional appointments. They are practising professionals, currently or previously entrepreneurs and experts in their fields. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The Centre's staff includes those that have designed and developed new products and services for the BBC, HP, Environment Agency, Unilever and Marriott to mention just a few. They have raised millions in venture finance or started commercial and social enterprises and they understand first-hand how to run lean start-ups and manage seven-figure revenues in large corporations.

Staff bring their current and past experiences and expertise into the learning environment to design relevant curriculum that enhances student employability and provides the students with cutting-edge, engaging and relevant case studies.

The team was recognised in 2018 at the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference when they won the National Enterprise Educators HE Team Award. This award is given to a team of higher education staff delivering exceptional enterprise or entrepreneurship education inside or outside the curriculum.

In 2017 the University of Bristol awarded the team with the University Educational Initiative Award for their contribution to establishing new educational practice. They went on to receive the University’s highest accolade for teaching, the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Education, recognising the team’s exceptional contribution to education and enhancement of the student learning experience. In the same year, the Centre and their degree programmes were also recognised nationally by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education as a Good Practice Case Study for Entrepreneurial Education.

The Centre has been mentioned positively in articles for the Guardian, The Times, Bristol Post and Financial Times. The Centre’s Academic Director has also been interviewed on CNN and India Today live to discuss the University’s unique approach to entrepreneurial education.

Team members:

Professor Kirsten Cater
Ann Padley
Dr Antony Beckett
Tom Metcalfe
Dr Angela Piccini
Sam Crawley
Suzanne Cole
Dr Keir Williams
Andy Littledale
Lizzie Harrison
Mark Neild
Dave Jarman
Dr Tom Ellson
Dr Simon Blyth
Helen Stock
Catherine Farnham
Zibah Nwako
Jennie Brettell
Martin Campbell

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