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Cardiff University: School of Psychology

Initiatives to improve gender equality in recruitment
Target Group
Academic staff
Initiative Theme
Targeted to women/men
Initiative institution
Cardiff University
Application type
Athena Swan Initiative
Publication date

The School uses search groups to target potential female and male applicants across the field of psychology. Appointments reflect a concerted effort to target women in the recruitment strategy (as a positive action  measure), which includes highlighting the vacancies to female scientists and working to improve the presentation of our webpages to highlight the Athena SWAN Bronze Award. Online application information describes University policies on Equality and Diversity and work-life balance commitments. For academic posts, the School has made multi-pronged efforts to attract female scientists. As well as advertising, staff are all encouraged to alert peers, while search teams (male and female academic staff) take a systematic approach to identifying and approaching candidates. The short-listing panel always includes female members. All interviews are scheduled between 10am and 3pm and presentations are very well attended by a cross-section of postgraduates and staff.