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Strategic agility for senior leaders programme

A programme to prepare senior teams to lead in uncertainty.

Our bespoke two-day programme will equip intact senior teams with the capabilities to undertake scenario planning work focused on current institutional challenges.

In times of uncertainty, it is important for institutions to demonstrate agility, to rapidly make informed decisions in changing circumstances and respond decisively when faced with crisis. We understand that the ability to adapt, to evaluate scenarios and contingency plan will remain a key priority for senior leadership teams in navigating the ‘new normal’, and possible further turbulent times ahead. It will be important for leadership teams to consider a range of possible scenarios and to evaluate their opportunities and risks to allow for rapid yet considered decision making.

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Possible scenarios which you may need to plan for

  • Ongoing challenges associated with the pandemic including local lockdowns or virus outbreaks on campus.
  • International policies impacting international student numbers.
  • Financial challenges (possible recession or financial uncertainties).
  • Digital security challenges.
  • Changing competitor landscape.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence.
  • Brexit.
  • The digital university.
  • Emerging importance of skills and vocational degrees.
  • Responding to a changing regulatory environment.

Delivery model

Working with your intact senior teams, our delivery will be tailored to your institution’s requirements. The programme is split across 4 modules described below, however these modules can be configured to best match your requirements. Our approach draws on our extensive experience supporting global higher education through multiple lenses. Delivery options include:

  • Option 1 - two sequential days
  • Option 2 - two days in two separate but proximate weeks
  • Option 3 - four half-days in a single week
  • Option 4 - four half-days across two weeks.

Understanding your unique circumstances

The programme begins with a Stimulus Report created through a process of interviewing each member of the executive team to understand individual perspectives on themes.

Module 1: Building the foundations for leading in uncertainty

A half-day exploration of the outcomes from the stimulus paper. The module concludes with a live learning Covid-19 case study for the team to consider.

Module 2: Getting messy

This half-day module will purposefully take the participants on a journey from wallowing with purpose in the complexity of the different forces and trends acting upon them.

Module 3: Interrogation of scenarios

A half-day module focusing on broadening perspectives and analysing the assumptions, benefits and impact of scenario planning activity.

Module 4: Embedding scenario leadership

In this half-day module we conclude with embedding a scenario leadership approach into the planning processes of the team.

Institutional benefits

Our distinctive approach engages senior teams in real and applied institutional scenario  planning that simultaneously develops the team and wider organisational culture. By working with us institutions will:

  • receive a Stimulus Report based on interviews with the executive team to identify the key areas of focus for the scenario planning activity - the Stimulus Report can be used as a benchmark against which progress can be evaluated
  • enable senior teams to consider and evaluate a range of real and possible scenarios to allow for agile decision making to react to the external environment with assurance that the risks and consequences have been analysed 
  • provide an opportunity to consider the risks and opportunities of scenarios in a collective and safe environment 
  • allow for collective decision making and develop a shared culture and approach amongst leadership teams 
  • build team cohesion and support leadership teams to develop a shared vision and approach
  • allow for decisive, rapid and unified responses from leadership teams in times of uncertainty 
  • build capacity for individuals and teams to conduct a comprehensive scan of the external environment and analyse the risks and opportunities to a granular level.
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Our team

Your programme will be designed and delivered by our expert facilitators Louisa Hardman and Robin Ryde. Louisa and Robin also facilitate and design Advance HE’s Top  Management Programme for those in an executive role in a higher education institution.  Over 60 of the current UK Vice-Chancellors and Principals are TMP HE alumni, with many of the other past participants of TMP HE holding some of the most senior posts throughout higher education.

Louisa Hardman 
Key Associate, Advance HE

Louisa is an experienced board and executive team coach with  experience working in higher education, health, central and local  government, broadcasting, publishing, professional services, transport, social housing, retail, distribution, finance, membership organisations, trades unions and the police. Louisa brings a deep understanding of  individual, group and organisational dynamics and change, cultivated through a unique combination of study and experience.

Robin Ryde 
Key Associate, Advance HE

Robin is an author, leadership and organisation development expert, and former Chief Executive of the UK National School of Government.  Robin has been a director with the UK Cabinet Office, director with the UK National Audit Office and he currently holds the role of programme director with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). Robin has focused his work in two areas; in supporting Boards and leadership teams usually in the process of devising  strategy and leading change, and in directing large leadership  development endeavours.

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Complete the form below and we will send you an information sheet with further details of our Strategic agility for senior leaders programme. A member of our team will be in touch shortly after to discuss your requirements.

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