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Race Equality Charter FAQs: Support from the Race Equality Charter team

The answers to some frequently asked questions about support from the Race Equality Charter team.

What are the contact details for the Race Equality Charter team? 

The Race Equality Charter team are happy to answer queries regarding award applications and your race equality priorities. Please contact the team via  

What is the level of involvement expected from the Race Equality Charter team before an application is submitted? 

The Race Equality Charter team are not able to comment on the content of award applications or on an assessment panel’s decision. However, the team are happy to provide clarification and/ or guidance with regard to the application process and advise you on your race equality priorities. As part of the Race Equality Charter membership an institution will have access to a Developmental Review with one of our associates who are Race Equality Charter experts and can help in the months leading up to a submission. The team also offer a mid-term review to support and facilitate our REC activity. At peak times of the year (notably around submission deadlines and while assessment panels are taking place), it may take longer than usual to respond to your email query. 

Can a member of the Race Equality Charter team review an application prior to the submission deadline? 

No, the Race Equality Charter team are not able to read applications prior to submission. However, applicants can participate in a Developmental Review which we recommend doing at least three months prior to the submission deadline. This process involves an Advance HE Associate reviewing the application and providing feedback so that applicants can consider the feedback and make revisions (as appropriate) in advance of submission. The scope of the review can be beneficial to an application submission and an institution’s wider race equality work.