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Processes of overseeing EDI

Mechanisms to oversee institutional progress and gain assurance.


Our research with Scottish higher education Governors demonstrated that the following were effective mechanisms for use in overseeing equality in institutions.

  • Setting and reviewing progress against KPIs for equality within strategic plans, e.g. retention of male students, degree attainment of black, minority and ethnic (BME) students, number and proportion of female professors.
  • Receiving up-to-date E&D data, with annual or six-monthly reviews. Challenging the institution on areas of under-representation or inequity of outcome for equality groups.
  • Working with the equality committee or equivalent group, ensuring an effective link and flow of information between the group and the governing body, and that information received is actively considered by the governing body.
  • Use equality impact assessment as a tool for ensuring equality is considered in decision-making, development of strategy, planning and practice. This is obligatory in Scotland and Wales.
  • Interrogating the executive team about reports on EDI received by the governing body – looking for evidence of progress and compliance.
  • Increasing your knowledge of E&D to enable you to question, challenge and hold the executive to account, e.g. through induction and ongoing training/development, inviting equality staff to present to governing body.

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