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These submissions were received from Advance HE members as part of the AI Garage member benefit project in 2023 - 24. This project aims to provide a snapshot of the different kinds of AI projects in progress within the sector, as such we cannot take responsibility for the content of the submissions themselves. Projects featured here are not endorsed or supported by Advance HE. Please reach out directly to the teams to find out more about their work. Find out more about the project.

Please note that we will upload new submissions on a weekly basis to ensure that we have a constant flow of new resources for the sector. 


AI Garage – Using AI to gamify learning

Using AI to gamify learning 

Lead institution: Loughborough University 

Country: United Kingdom

Project primary contact: Dr Mhairi Morris, Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry) 

Project Title: Using AI to gamify learning 

The project is: In Progress 

Project Summary: 

On a final year cancer biology module, I used AI to help me create a game to enhance student understanding of the module content. The game, “Flippin’ Cancer!”, which is modelled on Forbidden IslandTM, is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players adopt roles as healthcare professionals, with the objective of beating cancer by collecting four treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and spontaneous remission) as they move around the board, escaping the spreading tumour and answering questions. I used Midjourney to create the imagery for the game, ChatGPT to devise the Cellscape tile names and write the instruction booklet, and Vevox AI quiz generator to create the question cards.  

Educators play a pivotal role in shaping the future of learning, and by embracing AI-driven gamification, they can unlock untapped potential to create dynamic and impactful educational experiences. I personally believe that if we understand how to use AI effectively, not only does this help us to spot when students use it inappropriately (and therefore can help combat plagiarism), but it also equips us to help our students understand how to use it appropriately, thereby developing their graduate skills and expertise and enhancing their employability in an ever-changing, technology-driven world of work.

Impact: The intention is to enhance student engagement and learning by making learning fun, whilst simultaneously making it faster and easier for the academic to come up with ideas for gamified learning. 

Audience: The intended beneficiaries are primarily students, with secondary beneficiaries being other academics who are interested in gamifying their teaching and learning. 

This output is part of a member project - AI Garage: Creating the Future Now which collects and curates cutting-edge practice examples of AI. You can explore other submissions here.

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Loughborough University