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Building student engagement and belonging in higher education at a time of change: final report from the What works? Student retention & success programme

The What works? Student retention and success programme is a three-year initiative funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Higher Education Funding Council for England. The Programme is supported and co-ordinated by the Higher Education Academy and Action on Access.

The report is a synthesis of the key messages findings implications and recommendations emanating from the projects funded through the What Works? Student Retention and Success programme 2008-2011 and includes case studies of what works.

The final research report report provides:

  • a summary of key messages based on a synthesis of the evidence from the seven projects;
  • presentation of the What Works? model for improving student engagement belonging retention and success;
  • a full discussion about the practical implications of the research programme including illustrative examples of specific ways in which higher education institutions have improved student engagement belonging retention and success;
  • consideration of the strategic implications of adopting the What Works? approach to improving student retention and success including an institutional reflective checklist;
  • conclusions from the research programme and some suggestions of how institutions can use the learning from the What Works? programme to enhance student engagement belonging retention and success.

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