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Developing a digital environment for teaching and learning parasitology - STEM Conference 2018

A group of academics from three EU universities and biomedical scientists are developing a digital learning environment on parasitology that emphasises self-learning and will facilitate the acquisition of basic clinical and parasitology skills. The resource named DMU e-Parasitology will be publicly available in 2018 on the De Montfort University website ( This eLearning package presents three sections (theory and a virtual laboratory and microscope) which will be presented during the session including the scaffolding and translational approach used to develop this teaching and learning resource. A description of the clinical case studies available in this resource to enhance critical thinking and self-learning will be also provided. The DMU e-Parasitology could be used to facilitate the introduction of parasitology in any human health science degree as recent surveys have highlighted the necessity of teaching the foundation of parasitology to future health and medical professionals.

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