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Evaluating teaching development in higher education

This literature review aims to update the Parsons et al. review commissioned in 2012 by the HEA in order to inform the development of a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of CPD. The review focuses on research into the impact of CPD in teaching and learning published between 2012 and 2015.

This review broadens the scope and orientation of the original study to take into account a wider range of CPD activities and to include literature that critically engages with the impact discourse. It also considers prominent themes in the research on impact of CPD in relation to work on excellence in teaching in HE.

The accompanying toolkit is developed as a resource for providers of teaching-related CPD in HE. It focuses on capturing the longer-term value and impact of CPD for teachers and learners and moving away from immediate satisfaction measures. Informed by the literature review the toolkit provides a series of templates that can be used to create bespoke CPD evaluations to capture impact before during and after an activity or event.

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