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Evidencing teaching excellence

As part of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Year Two which aims to recognise and promote teaching excellence and to inform student choice participating providers were asked to submit a written narrative of up to 15 pages to be considered alongside their TEF metrics. These provider submissions were meant to present a case for excellence and to demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of teaching on the student experience and outcomes they achieve. As such the submissions provide a rich source of evidence for both teaching excellence and impact evaluation practice.

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) commissioned ARC Network to conduct a data-rich trends analysis of all TEF2 provider submissions achieving a Gold Silver or Bronze award and of the statements of findings to upgraded providers in order to support the sector in understanding key trends and opportunities for the development of teaching excellence. Findings from the research can be found in this report and its accompanying infographic.

The research holds up a mirror to the submissions and includes:

  • mapping of patterns in TEF2 submissions according to submission structure and themes cut according to award level provider type size and sector;
  • mapping of statements of findings to upgraded providers cut according to award level and sector;
  • mapping of HEA-led activities included in provider submissions;
  • exploration of evidence mechanisms and impact evaluations discussed in the submissions;
  • recommendations to the sector and providers on the development of teaching excellence and of future TEF submissions.

You can also find on this page the HEA’s response to the key findings in the report with further considerations – and concerns – regarding future developments of the TEF.

The HEA will be hosting a webinar led by the report main authors on 14 December 2017 @ 13.00 that will provide highlights from the research. You can book your place on the webinar through the following link:


TEF2 Provider Submissions Review_2.pdf
TEF2 Provider Submissions Review_2.pdf View Document
HEA response to TEF2 Provider Submissions Review_0.pdf
HEA response to TEF2 Provider Submissions Review_0.pdf View Document
TEF2 Infographic.pdf
TEF2 Infographic.pdf View Document

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