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Happiness in UK Post-Graduate Research in UK HEIs

Professor Marc Cowling’s report explores results from the 2013 and 2015 cycles of the HEA Postgraduate Research Experience Survey [PRES]. With over 100 000 responses explored from 123 UK institutions the analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the factors which impact upon postgraduate researcher satisfaction. In particular the results highlight the ways in which the key areas of the postgraduate experience measured by PRES are complementary and linked to each other. Additionally the need for a personalised approach to supporting postgraduate researchers including through the development of positive supervisory relationships is highlighted as being important.

Marc’s report compliments the annual reports for PRES by providing additional analysis on the results not previously published by the HEA. As we anticipate the 2017 PRES national report Marc’s report provides a timely reminder of the individual nature of postgraduate researchers’ satisfaction. 

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