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Learning from Students’ Union Governance

This podcast from Advance HE looks at lessons to be learned from students’ union governance. Dan Tinkler, Governance Development Manager at Advance HE is joined by Nick Smith, an Advance HE associate and has over 15 years’ experience in support at institutional and students’ union governance and Victoria Aurora Bennett-Salvador, who is is the current President and Chair of the Trustee Board at Birmingham City University Students’ Union.

Together they explore what makes students' union governance so unique, how to engage student governors based on what works in students’ unions, achieving a positive board culture, supporting a diverse governing body and embedding inclusivity practices, and other lessons that higher education institutions, universities, colleges, and small and specialist institutions can learn from the world of students' union governance. 

This podcast was recorded on 4 April 2022.

Access the podcast and transcript below. 

Podcast transcript: Learning from Students’ Union governance
Podcast transcript: Learning from Students’ Union governance View Document