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Let's Talk Value Conference - 11 February 2020, London

Professor Julia Buckingham, Vice Chancellor and President

Communicating Value - Sallie Pilot
Communicating Value - Sallie Pilot View Document

Sallie Pilot, Director, Black Sun Communications

Integrating sustainability - Carol Adams
Integrating sustainability - Carol Adams View Document

Professor Carol Adams, Professor of Accounting, Durham University

Integrating sustainability - Sharon Machado
Integrating sustainability - Sharon Machado View Document

Sharon Machado, Portfolio Head of Business Reporting, ACCA

Integrating sustainability - Eunice Simmons
Integrating sustainability - Eunice Simmons View Document

Professor Eunice Simmons, Professor of Sustainable Environments; Vice Chancellor, University of Chester and Advance HE and EAUC Board Member

To view the recording of the Integrating sustainability strategy to demonstrate wider value webinar please click here.

Beyond the balance sheet - Laura Kelly
Beyond the balance sheet - Laura Kelly View Document

Purpose and impact in sustainability reporting

Laura Kelly, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Beyond the balance sheet - Phil McNaull
Beyond the balance sheet - Phil McNaull View Document

Phil McNaull, Strategic Finance Consultant, Former FD, The University of Edinburgh