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A maverick in the mind: exploring the haunting spectre of tensions in 'maverick' educators' fostering unconventional student-learner relationships and empowerment against existing tensions within educational frameworks

A presentation and paper from the Arts and Humanities Annual Conference 2014.

Some educators are haunted by the spectre of a ‘maverick in the mind’. Wilfully driven and shaped by life experiences they live in a constant tension often at odds with the apparent constraints of the educational system. They fight perceived enemies in their quest to transform learners. This paper part of ongoing PhD studies employs aspects of narrative inquiry and life history/life story methodologies to explore some encountered tensions and how they foster unconventional pedagogic practices and stranger mindful imaginings. Bourdieu’s ‘Habitus’ and ‘Capital’ theories (Bourdieu and Wacquant 1992) and Goffman’s (1959) perspective on roles as acted out provide theoretical underpinning.

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