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Moocs are coming

This article was previously published on the Leadership Foundation website.

News alert - Moocs are coming?

Recently there has been considerable discussion about the impact of Moocs (Massive open online courses) - and whether their emergence will change the landscape of HE for ever. Recent discussion in the UK was ignited by a report by Michael Barber and others entitled 'An Avalanche is Coming'. The report suggested that the HE sector faced discontinuous change and needed to prepare accordingly.

By contrast, Sir Steve Smith, Vice Chancellor of the University of Exeter and a former president of Universities UK, in Mind the money, not the Moocs highlighted forthcoming pressures on the public funding in the UK as being of greater potential concern to many governing bodies.

This is not to say Steve Smith completely dismisses Moocs as an interview he gave to the Institute of Public Research illustrates.

Issues raised for governors and governing bodies

Potential strategic threats to institutional strategies.

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