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Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2015

This report presents the results from the most recent Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES). The PRES survey was administered in 123 HEIs across the UK. In total 53 348 responses were received.

The survey results remain very stable over time and this report is a slight change to the previous PRES reports. Instead of focusing on the general PRES results it looks at the research student journey. It looks at the survey results through the lens of the Research Development Framework (RDF) and follows the students from their first days on the programme. It investigates their activity prior to commencing their studies and looks at their motivations and career plans. It investigates what opportunities they experience during the course of their studies and what impact these have on their development as researchers. The analysis involves looking at what factors affect the professional development of research students and finally what factors increase students’ confidence that they can finish their programme within the agreed timescale.

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