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Products for the Micro-businesses: Islamic Microfinance Services

Providing poor people with effective Islamic micro-financial services will help to reduce poverty. This is a case study of 'Islamic Microfinance Services' (IMS) which operates in the South Andaman Island. Based on the survey questionnaires/ interviews this case study indicates that the IMS obtained excellent results in the financial inclusion of the poor Moplas and also shows how Islamic ethics has been linked to the business operations as a powerful tool of the socio-economic development of the poor. Although the IMS services and products are not professionally designed for financial inclusion it is gaining support in the informal sector where micro-entrepreneurs constitute an important economic workforce.

This case study was created as part of a collaboration between the Association of Business Schools the HEA Islamic Studies Network and the stakeholders in the broad business management accountancy and finance subject areas to create a bank of free to download academic case studies about Islamic Business Management Accountancy and Finance that academics can use to enhance their curriculum.

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