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Understanding diverse sports requirements

Disabled service users

Due to a low level of participation the University of Leeds sports service discussed its engagement strategy with the university’s equality and diversity manager to develop a wider range of approaches to engagement.

The university conducted a consultation exercise during the development of a new swimming pool from which the decision to install a movable floor was made. The pool can now be used for a wider range of activities, and enables greater accessibility for those with mobility impairments.

Creating a network of disability organisations has been central to the successful delivery and promotion of sports initiatives at the University of Nottingham. The university has actively engaged with disability sports development officers from several organisations who provide the university with advice and support on developments in disability sport, as well as direction on funding and volunteering opportunities.

Trans service users

In designing its new sports and fitness centre, the Edge, the University of Leeds made sure to consider the needs of all potential participants. During the development phase the university consulted with staff and students, including those who identify as trans. Trans staff and students voiced particular concerns about the need for greater privacy in changing areas. As a result, the Edge was designed with a range of changing room facilities, including private cubicles.

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