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Where are you right now? Using careers registration to support employability in higher education - HEA Surveys Conference 2017

‘Where are you right now?’
If we want to support student’s progression into employability we need to know the position they are starting from.  A three year HEFCE funded learning gain project is investigating the value of ‘Careers Registration’ – adding two to four careers focused questions into student registration systems – as a measure of work readiness learning gain.   In the first year of the HEFCE careers registration learning gain project we collected 191 297 student responses on career readiness and employment experience.  

The aims of the session will be to explore the ways in which insight from such a vast amount of Careers Registration data are being used strategically by universities to develop and improve student outcomes through monitoring and shaping student employability journeys and to consider the potential impact for the learning gain landscape in higher education.

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