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New framework to embed enterprise and entrepreneurship in higher education

06 Nov 2019 | Advance HE Advance HE has co-created a new framework to help embed enterprise and entrepreneurship into the higher education curriculum.
Enterprise wheel

Developed in partnership with EEUK, IOEE, ISBE, SFEDI and the QAA the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education Framework is a resource to help institutions provide effective activities and experiences so that students can identify what is involved in being enterprising and entrepreneurial, helping them to navigate their future careers.

Designed to inform and support educators who deliver the curriculum or extracurricular activities to students, the framework focuses on the ways in which enterprise and entrepreneurship education can add value to the learner’s journey, whether they are interested in starting their own venture or being enterprising when working for someone else in the private, public or voluntary and community sector. 

Developing enterprising and entrepreneurial skills and abilities while in higher education helps to facilitate new ventures both in education and upon graduation. Employers also recognise that these skills and abilities are increasingly important in the world of work because of the value they add to an organisation.

Through enterprise education, learners develop the appropriate skills, abilities and mindset to enhance their employability and entrepreneurial ideas.

Our framework connects the learner’s journey with the educator, who facilitates the activities and experiences that foster embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship into the curriculum.”

Alison Johns, Advance HE Chief Executive 

Advance HE’s Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education Framework uses the QAA definitions (2018) and has purposefully worked with a range of partners to develop a collaborative and meaningful approach that can be adopted to shape changes to pedagogies, assessment, teaching and learning practices and institutional cultures, processes and practices.

This is a focus framework, aligned to the Employability Framework which is part of the Advance HE Student Success Frameworks. These are a set of research-informed and evidence-based frameworks that provide a reference point for reviewing and enhancing policy and practice, covering priority areas that impact on the quality of teaching and learning excellence.

Look out for more on enterprise coming soon, including a series of blogs and videos from Advance HE and partners. Additionally, find out more about our upcoming collaborative project Embedding Enterprise in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum




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