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Copenhagen Business School first accredited HE institution for fellowship to transition to PSF 2023

30 Oct 2023 | Advance HE Denmark’s Copenhagen Business School is the first accredited institution to successfully complete the transition process for fellowship applications to PSF 2023.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has become the first higher education institution to successfully apply to transition their accredited provision for fellowship from the 2011 version to the revised 2023 Professional Standards Framework (PSF).  

Globally, 178 institutions, 34 of which are outside the UK, are accredited by Advance HE to award fellowships via their own in-house programmes and schemes. The CBS Higher Education Teaching Excellence Programme (HETEP) is an accredited programme for junior faculty at the School seeking to achieve fellowship (Descriptor 2). 

More than 174,000 people are now recognised as fellows, with more than 16,000 of them outside the UK, who demonstrate a commitment to quality teaching and learning support in higher education. The PSF is a globally-recognised framework that underpins fellowship and was revised in 2023 to make fellowship more accessible in a wider range of cultural contexts. 

Revd Prof Will Foster, Advance HE Assistant Director – Professional Recognition, said,  

“We know that since the launch of the PSF 2023 institutions have been reviewing their provision and deciding when and how to best transition to get the most strategic benefit from the revised framework.  Along the way we have had some really heartening and overwhelmingly positive feedback about the PSF 2023 and the associated support and guidance, particularly comments on how globally inclusive the framework is.  

“It is fantastic to see that our very first institution to successfully transition is one with such a prestigious international reputation as Copenhagen Business School. Well done to the team and all who have been involved in the process.” 

CBS was founded in 1917 and now is one of the largest business schools in Europe, with over 20,000 students. It has 21 recognised Fellows, including 14 Senior Fellows. 

“We are delighted to be the first accredited institution to successfully transition to the revised PSF 2023. We very much look forward to continuing our work with supporting faculty to develop their practice in relation to the Professional Standards Framework and thereby enhance student learning at Copenhagen Business School.”

Professor (MSO) Thyra Uth Thomsen, Senior Fellow and Academic Director of HETEP

Advance HE accredited institutions include all types of higher education providers that have developed their own bespoke fellowship pathways, accredited and quality-assured by Advance HE, designed to meet their own specific needs and aspirations to ensure high quality learning within their context.  

All institutions with accredited provision are required to use the PSF 2023 by 31 January 2025. This transition may happen naturally through the institution’s reaccreditation cycle but where this is not the case, or if an institution wishes to move over before their reaccreditation deadline, institutions can apply now to transition their provision to use the PSF 2023. 

The revised Professional Standards Framework 2023 was developed by the sector after extensive consultation and was launched in January 2023. Find about more about accreditation.  


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