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Enhancing the disabled student experience - DSC annual report published

05 Apr 2022 | Advance HE Second annual report from the independent group formed to challenge, inform and advise universities and colleges in England to improve support for disabled students.

Advance HE has published the second annual report on behalf of the Disabled Students’ Commission.

Enhancing the disabled student experience reviews outputs from the Disabled Students’ Commission over 2021-22 and highlights the impact of the advice and guidance published, as well as setting out the Commission’s objectives for 2022-23.

Geoff Layer, Chair of the Disabled Students’ Commission, said, “All students have faced difficulties and challenges over the last two years but it has been even more difficult for disabled students as they faced extra challenges on top of the regular issues they confront.

“The DSC has been listening very carefully to disabled students during this period and in this annual report, Enhancing the disabled student experience, does two things. Firstly, it maps out what students have said and how the Commission has advised. Secondly, it starts to create the agenda for change, putting the disabled student at the heart of thinking and decision making within higher education. Yes, it’s a challenge but it cannot and should not be shirked.”

During its third year, the Commission will move its focus to the whole student lifecycle with a more radical position placing the needs and interests of disabled students at the top of the agenda for the sector and policy makers in order to meet five important objectives:

+ to promote improved and enhanced access and transition to higher education for disabled students

+ to promote an inclusive student support and wellbeing approach

+ to promote the enhancement of inclusive learning and teaching

+ to seek to enhance the employability of disabled students

+ to inform the sector of progress with enhancing the experience of disabled students.


Download Enhancing the disabled student experience

Advance HE has responsibility for providing secretariat support, as well as overseeing the management, coordination and dissemination of research and other DSC outcomes. Find out more about the Disabled Students’ Commission.

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