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Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme: a safe, supportive and open space

22 Jun 2023 | Advance HE Dr Anne-Marie Evans from York St John University discusses her experience on our Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme and recommends it for the supportive conversation, and boost to confidence and leadership visibility.

Our Senior Women’s Leadership Development Programme (SWLDP) returns as part of the 2023/24 Programmes and Events portfolio. The programme allows women in senior leader roles to get together to discuss the challenges and opportunities, reflect on the path to leadership and how to continue to develop in higher education at a senior level.

In this video, Dr Anne-Marie Evans, Head of School for Humanities at York St John University, explains the benefits of participating in the programme and offers advice to those considering joining.

Dr Evans said, “What I appreciated most was having a space to talk to other women leaders and having a space that felt really safe; really supportive; really open where we could just discuss a lot of different issues and it felt like a really supportive conversation.”


She said, “The programme allows you to meet and connect with a network of other women academics. We just got on brilliantly during the course and we actually are still carrying on and still meeting up once a month online, which is brilliant. We’re all able to keep updated on what’s happening in each other’s lives and talk things through with each other.”

Advice to others

“My biggest piece of advice would be to invest the time, that’s the only way you’ll get everything out of the programme that you want. Try and book a bit of time before to prep and a bit after to reflect … I think trying to get to every session is really, really important because everything kind of connects together.”

Watch the whole video Q&A below.

Senior Women's Leadership Development Programme is part of our new Developing Leadership in Higher Education programmes and event portfolio for 2023-24. It provides a range of opportunities supporting the professional development of new and existing leaders. Find out more.

Members benefit from a 25% discount on booking prices and there is an additional 10% early booking discount for bookings made before 30 September 2023 on selected programmes and events.


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