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Student Partnerships in Assessment – new podcast series

26 May 2021 | Advance HE New podcast on the benefits and challenges of embedding students as partners in the development of assessment.

Student Partnerships in Assessment: 'in conversation with...' is a new series of podcasts from Advance HE focusing on the benefits and challenges of embedding students as partners in the development of assessment.

In the first episode of the series, Dr Cathy Bovill, Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement at the University of Edinburgh, is joined by Jason Bunting, Education Officer at Queens University Belfast, Joanna Tai, Senior Research Fellow at Deakin University, and Moonisah Usman, Lecturer at the University of Westminster. The panel share examples of when student partnership in assessment has worked well  and their views on what students as partners practice can achieve within assessments. Building on session 1 of the programme, the panel discuss the enablers and barriers to student partners in assessment and provide practical tips as to how it can be successfully implemented in different contexts. 

Dr Bovill said, “It was fantastic to be able to speak with colleagues internationally about student partnership in assessment.

“It is so helpful to be able to support one another by identifying barriers and enablers of partnership in assessment and feedback, but also to share inspiring examples and stories of how we can positively transform the experience of assessment and feedback together with students.”

Advance HE members can download the podcast and transcript here



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