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Dr Samia Kamal

Dr. Samia Kamal is an inspiring advocate of diversity and inclusivity, both within her discipline and the higher education sector more broadly. Her championing of Computer Science pedagogy has helped to transform students’ experiences at Oxford Brookes, especially women in STEM subjects, through her proactivism and advocacy for underrepresented groups.
Job Title
Principal Lecturer, Student Experience, Faculty of Technology, Design & Environment

Samia’s reflective approach to her practice is conveyed through her commitment to helping a diverse range of individuals through outreach with schools, targeted support for female students (which stems from her own experience as a Woman in Science) and desire to make real change a reality for future generations. Samia’s pedagogic approach is to help others realise their potential through her mentoring, support, and creativity as a teacher.

Samia’s ignites enthusiasm for teaching Computing, and has put in place structures and incentives to ensure the sustainability and impact of her work. For example, her Pedagogic Reflection Seminar Series (PReSS) spans the three subject areas of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics and provides a vehicle for the sharing and development of pedagogic research in these fields.

Samia’s projects, focused on enhancing employability outcomes for Computer Scientists, have been adopted and adapted in a range of contexts beyond her institution, testifying to her influence and authority across the sector as an expert and agile pedagogue. For instance, Samia’s Live Projects pedagogic framework (LPIA) aligns authentic work experience with modular assessment to prepare graduates for the challenges of their future professions. Likewise, the Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship (ICE) Qube project is a high profile example of her leadership and innovation as a Computer Science pedagogy champion. As a proactive member of international committees and networks, Dr. Kamal has impacted upon colleagues and students beyond institutional boundaries.

Samia lives out her philosophy that teachers influence lives, and since becoming an academic she has striven to model and embody the success she aims to help all her learners achieve.

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