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Jo Chaffer

Jo Chaffer
Job Title:
Key Global Associate, Advance HE

Jo has worked extensively as a development trainer providing consultancy and training services to private, public and third sector organizations around the world. Jo’s work adds value by supporting and driving growth, change and resilience through incisive analytical acuity, vibrant and creative working processes and provision of effective interventions and innovative tailored support.

With a ground-up knowledge of regional business and cultural practices plus extensive experience in other cultures, fine-tuned reflexive and facilitative skills and connectivity to the best in global practice, she has an ability to generate high outputs in pressurised, fast-moving or unstable environments.

Jo worked extensively with the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan, developing their national strategy for university-business-community interaction and providing professional development for university and HE college leaders and senior teams. She also assisted the Peruvian HE government agencies in their transformation and modernization and has recently designed and delivered Masters-level university-accredited Leadership Development modules in the UK. Recently, Jo has undertaken a review of HE Leadership Development needs in India for UKIERI and a leadership development programme for aspiring women HE leaders in Uzbekistan. She is also currently working on a programme, supported by the British Council, to develop HE leaders in Myanmar.

Jo was the lead consultant and developer of Researcher Connect, a Newton Fund supported British Council global CPD programme. She is an experienced and qualified trainer known for her excellent communication skills and strong, smooth working relationships.

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Jo Chaffer

Key Global Associate
Advance HE
Jo Chaffer
With in-depth Higher Education expertise, Jo works with HEIs, HE agencies and Ministries internationally supporting and enabling leadership development, strategic approaches to leadership and governance with a particular interest in feminized leadership.