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Augusta Chidinma Nnajiofor

Augusta Chidinma Nnajiofor is an advocate for equality, diversity, inclusion and mental health - spearheading multiple campaigns to create a more inclusive environment for students at the University of the West of England Bristol. Augusta was the President of The Students’ Union at UWE representing over 30,000 students and championing the student voice at all levels of the University as a member of the University’s Board of Governors and Chair of the SU Board of Trustees. As President, she worked collaboratively with the University’s Directorate team and senior members of the University on student-focused partnership projects. Some of which include Improving Assessment and Feedback, Building Learning Communities, Financial support for international students in hardship and Reducing Health Inequalities.
Job Title
Student Advice Team Coordinator

Augusta previously held the position of co-Chair of the Partnership Board between UWE Bristol and The Students’ Union and was the Chair of the Student Leaders Executive Team. She was the Vice President of Community and Welfare at The Students’ Union where she was actively involved in initiating wellbeing campaigns, recognising and rewarding talent and delivering on strategic initiatives that improve the student experience. 

Augusta is an Alumnus of UWE Bristol with a background in Business Management and Economics. Her passion for people inspired her to work in Human Resources where she engaged in improving recruitment practices, providing advice on increasing staff diversity, and offering guidance to individuals from ethnic groups on accessing Higher Education roles. Augusta is passionate about making a positive difference within the student community and is dedicated to initiatives that enable students to achieve their full potential, within and beyond the University’s diverse, multicultural environment. 

She has demonstrated strong leadership qualities working as The Students’ Union President and has supported students to mitigate issues they face at University. Through her campaigns, Augusta has celebrated students in an impeccable way and progressed conversations on race, equality, equity and inclusivity with high profile leaders from across the UK. Augusta received recognition for her extraordinary commitment to improving the student journey and follows through in her interest as she works as a Student Advice Coordinator at UWE Bristol, working with colleagues from across services and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology to support students.